The William Clift Academy

The William Clift Academy is all about aspiration and opportunities. We are passionate about our students at Bodmin College having access to as many career pathway opportunities as they can and more importantly we support the students to access these through a personalised programme. There are 20 Accessing Professions groups mentored by a member of staff in a range of pathways, from Performing Arts to Medicine. These groups meet regularly and opportunities are shared. There is a William Clift Facebook group for students and parents which advertises a plethora of university days, summer schools and work experience and students are regularly emailed information. Our alumni are regularly brought back into College to share their experiences with the students.

Student Success

Examples of the successes are students applying for Sutton Trust Summer School in the US and subsequently an offer for one student to study in the US with a $250,000 bursary, another attended an internship at Whitehall through the Social Mobility Foundation, over 25 students attended university summer schools in 2015 and work experience links are built up with local businesses. Most importantly the momentum is growing with increasing numbers of Bodmin students engaging in exciting opportunities.

Summer Schools

The William Clift Academy passes out lots of opportunities to our students and these have been posted on our closed Facebook page for our students and parents, but are also emailed to all students and staff.Opportunities include university summer schools, residential courses, work experience, taster days etc.